The Gotham Week - Accreditation Application

For new prospective Industry Members at The Gotham Week, we ask that you fill out this form below.

The purpose of this form allows the The Gotham Week Industry Department to evaluate the goals of each new attending Industry Member, specifically in regards to the The Gotham Week Project Forum. We strive to create an environment for the Project Forum that is both transparent and productive, and we limit Industry participants to only those companies that can actively produce, acquire, sell, distribute, or finance projects; established literary, TV, digital or talent agents or managers.

The The Gotham Week Industry Department may accept or turn down an application for accreditation at its sole discretion. Please note that filling out this application alone neither constitutes nor guarantees your accreditation, and more specifically does not guarantee your ability to participate in the Project Forum meetings at The Gotham Week. 


Features in post-production
Screenplays in development
Short-Form Series
Long-Form Series
Writers/Directors for hire or representation


Features in production and post-production
Short-Form Series
Long-Form Series
Non-Fiction work for adaptation
Directors/Producers for Hire or Representation